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The Loquat: A Fruit Worthy of Festival

Have you ever heard of Loquats?

Often called Japanese plums and frequently confused with the unrelated citrus Kumquat, these subtropical fruits are superstars in the Florida landscape. Originating from Japan, this hardy and delicious species has spread worldwide throughout the subtropics and Mediterranean climates. The versatile fruit is best eaten fresh out of hand, but is also excellent dried, preserved, jellied, frozen, and fermented into wines and ciders. The fruit is similar in composition and appearance to an elongated peach, with flavors ranging from tangy and grape-like to melting mango-like sweetness. GreenDreams is central Florida’s premier specialty loquat provider, and we are now working with over 12 varieties of this amazing tree.

We were recently involved with The Florida Loquat Festival this past Saturday, March 26th, where we were able to share our knowledge & sell our grafted varieties, as well as the fruits to eat. If you live in Pasco county or the surrounding area, you definitely won't want to miss next year's festival! Click here to be directed to their facebook page.

If you are interested in purchasing a grafted Loquat tree & would like to learn more about our available varieties, feel free to call us at 727.439.6700.

All photos below are from the 3rd Annual Loquat Festival, captured by Daylina Miller Photography. To see the full album, click here.

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