Raised Paths... Instead of Raised Beds?

Most folks are familiar with raised beds or mounded beds for their gardens. While the concept works great in many areas of the country, the idea doesn’t always work here along the coastline of central Florida. If you live here, you will find that the soil conditions are extremely sandy, which is not the most ideal situation if you are trying to create a lush green space - especially one without an irrigation system. Most Floridians rely on irrigation (during the dry months), but since sand lacks organic matter, it doesn’t hold on to water; instead, it drains right into the aquaphor underground. So how do we keep that from happening? We apply a heavy layer of biologically active mulch dire

Rapid Growth + Grassy Patches

We love to go back to our past projects to visit with our clients & see how incredible the growth is! Sometimes in just 1 month, you can be blown away! And for the record, yes - we do still install small patches of grass, if requested. How do we do it differently? A healthy layer of highly active compost is spread before the turf goes down. (If the earth is healthy underneath, the problems don't exist. Pests & and weeds are natures "cleanup crew" - they are only trying to fix/take out what is "broken" or out of balance.) We are creating ecosystems that stay in balance!

Urban Tropical Meditation Garden + Food Forest, Tampa, FL

The GreenDreams Team has been busy installing our edible/useful garden designs over the past couple weeks! We have more than a few pictures of our progress to share with you from many different gardens from all around the Tampa Bay Area. We just finished a new favorite of ours: a sensory & meditation garden we created in the historic Seminole Heights area of Tampa, FL. The property owner is a teacher at several meditation/mindfulness centers across the west coast of Florida & beyond. He requested a place of peace in his backyard that was full of fragrance & visual aspects (butterflies, birds & bees), plus a wide variety of the freshest fruits & vegetables possible right outside his back door

Another Great Food Forest Tour!

We had a fantastic group of people come out for our farm tour on Saturday morning! We just put together a quick (5 minute) video with some clips from the tour, to give you a better idea of what you will see & learn when you come visit us next time: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tDqFNC2NQJU

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