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hardwood Mulch + Biochar

Biologically Active Mulch with mycelium threads
Hard Wood Mulch

Build Your Soil

We have discovered the secret to reducing irrigation needs for your garden or landscape is by locking the moisture in and building dense soils directly over the top of Tampa Bay's current sandy conditions by using heavy mulching techniques.

This hardwood mulch is under going the decomposition process which guarantees tons of moisture, mycelium (beneficial fungi) and beneficial micro-organisms.

Available in bulk (12-14 yards)


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Feed Your Soil

Biochar is an ancient practice that converts waste into the #1 long-term soil amendment that we have on this planet.   It has the capacity to absorb carbon from the air/atmosphere, secures the food system, and increases biodiversity in the soil.  It even has the capability to reverse deforestation. The process of creating Biochar is completed with a fine-grained, highly porous activated charcoal that helps soils retain nutrients and water.

Available in

40lb bags (5 bag minimum), $40

1400lb (approx) tote, $1400

compost delivery tampa.JPG
Organic Compost

Maintain Your Soil

Our Compost is as good as gold: "BLACK GOLD" Delivery for Tampa Bay customers, only.  We will deliver quality composted humus or composted manure to your farm/garden to help maintain nutrient density.


 Premium organic compost produced with a proprietary inoculate. Broad range of Micro and Macro nutrients.

Available by the yard.

$50/yard, 6 yard minimum

Delivery Fee:  $150 first 25 miles + $3 per additional mile


We look forward to helping you with your next garden project! 

Call us or email us for your biochar & bulk hardwood mulch delivery needs.

(352) 559-6350

(You can also use the contact form below.)

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