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Hardwood Mulch Delivery


We have found that the secret to reducing irrigation needs for your garden or landscape is by locking the moisture in & building nutrient dense soils directly over the top of Tampa Bay's current sandy conditions by using heavy mulching techniques. We have found that hard wood (decomposed oak) mulch has been essential in helping to keep our plant beds moist & helping the fruit trees & other edibles to thrive... even without irrigation. This hard wood mulch is undergoing the decomposition process, which guarantees tons of moisture, mycellium (beneficial fungi) & beneficial microorganisms.  

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Biochar: Sales + Delivery

Biochar is an ancient practice that converts waste into the #1 long-term soil amendment that we have on this planet.   It has the capacity to absorb carbon from the air/atmosphere, secures the food system, and increases biodiversity in the soil.  It even has the capability to reverse deforestation. The process of creating Biochar is completed with a fine-grained, highly porous activated charcoal that helps soils retain nutrients and water.   Because of it’s porosity, it contains a microscopic infinity of nooks & crannies for organic matter to reside.  It is said that a fingernail-sized piece of biochar is able to lock up a ½ acre in surface nutrients. That means that this is a huge deal in just a little tiny pinch!

1000lb Tote: $750 + delivery ($150 <25 miles, extra charge outside of our area)

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