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making your greendreams come true. that's our mission.


Our focus is to mimic the natural succession of a forest.  Our methods encourage the natural ecosystems by creating maximum diversity & life in the soil.  Healthy soils = healthy plants. An agriculture system with ecology in mind maintains itself. Regenerative Agriculture is process-based agriculture, rather than input based agriculture. 


When we first begin our projects, we rely on heavy mulch amendments when possible, using partially decomposed hard wood chips to capture/hold rainfall & we also include swale systems where needed, using the land’s contour lines to catch & hold water.  Our designs can include water conservation/storage & bioaccumulation methods & will address specific plant lists that are suitable for the site location & climate.


Next, it's time to plant specific trees + other supportive species along these contour lines that transform sandy conditions into soil that is nutrient-dense & filled with beneficial organisms & mycorrhiza.  BIOCHAR is added to each planting to create the best possible environment for holding organic material in place where it is needed.


Addressing soil erosion issues can be done using native grasses, clumping bamboos other plant groups.


Specific plant choices are included that provide nutrients to the soil, creating your own direct fertilization & soil production through heavy routine pruning ("Chop & Drop" - composting right on location) & strategically planting nitrogen-fixing species & other varieties that add different nutrients to the soil.   


The goal for your end-result is permanence.  A system that will continue to produce, whether or not you are physically present to care for it. We are here to help you create your legacy that will last for generations.


A bit about pete


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Pete grew up with a natural love of plants, as his parents were both involved in horticulture by trade.  Beginning in his teenage years, he gained landscaping experience with a large multi-national company that was responsible for maintaining resorts & other botanical tourism destinations.  At the young age of 21, he was ready for the responsibility of entrepreneur, founding his own landscaping company in 2000.  


Pete later felt the need to take his company into a new business direction in 2011.  He (& his wife, Mel) wanted to connect their passion of growing food with the existing landscape business, sparking the creation of Green Dreams as an edible landscaping & organic garden company.  The business has grown quite a lot since then & Pete has never stopped learning, nor lost his passion!


He completed his Permaculture Design Certification Course with Wayne Wiseman of The Permaculture Project in 2012  & also attended/hosted an Advanced PDC with Eric Toensmeier (2012, 2015), author of several top permaculture books & leader in food forest design & perennial agriculture systems (

Even after the wide range of classes, PDC courses, convergences & conferences, Pete Kanaris always says the best knowledge has come from the experience of his work, through hindsight & hearing the highlights from fellow growers.


These days he packs his camera when he visits each educational adventure & you are welcome to learn along.  To learn more, click here to head over to our YouTube channel to learn more.

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