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  • How much does a consultation with Pete cost?
    That all depends on where you are located within Florida. We have created a fee zone map to help, click the picture to view.
  • I want to do my own installation, can I still get a consultation with Pete?"
    Absolutely! Pete is always happy to come out and help you with your plans, choosing plants, finding the right locations, and recommending soil amendments, and information on care and maintenance.
  • What can I expect to get out of my consultation with Pete?
    That really depends on you! Before you meet with Pete, we recommend really thinking about how you want to use your property, any must-have plants, and questions you may have and making a list. We also recommend having a notepad during your consultation for jotting down information and making sketches. Generally, during your 1 hour on-site consultation Pete will assess your property (the current conditions of the soil, sunlight and watering needs) and offer suggestions regarding resources & education guides to help you become better acquainted with the various edible/useful plants that grow well in your area. He will offer instructions on mulching, composting, nutrient options/nitrogen fixers and advise on the placement of added elements, such as raised beds, water gardens, hardscapes/paths, perennial vegetables, fruiting & medicinal plants, as well as flowering plants that attract butterflies, bees & other beneficial insects.
  • What should I do to prepare for my consultation?
    If you are having a design & installation done, you will want to make sure you have a copy of your survey available, either on paper or in digital format. If you have it in digital format, please email it to us prior to your appointment. Make a list of must have plants and ideas for how you would like to use your yard/property. Write down your questions, all of them! It's easy to get overwhelmed during your consultation and forget things. Relax and dream about your days spent in your new garden once it's all done!
  • I have some plants I definitely know I want. Can I get plants delivered when I have my consultation?
    Absolutely! You can find our current nursery plant list here: Then email a list of plants with the name, variety, size, and quantity of each to after you have booked your consultation.
  • If I have to cancel my consultation, can I get my deposit refunded?"
    No, your $100 deposit is non-refundable but can be redeemed for future plant purchases or as a credit toward future services.
  • Will my consultation fee be applied to my installation costs?
    No, As of April 1, 2022, we no longer offer consultation rebates.
  • Is my design fee applied to my installation costs?
    No, we do not apply design fees to the installation cost. Each stage of your consultation, design, and installation will have their own invoice.
  • Can I get a design if I want to install my landscaping myself?
    Unfortunately, no. We only offer design with installation at this time. However, when you book an informational consultation with Pete we suggest taking notes and making sketches so that you will have a fairly complete design plan to follow by the time you're finished.
  • What is the design & bid fee for?
    The design fee covers the time it takes for our designers to draft your digital design plan, the bid fee covers the time it takes for them to research all of the costs to build your quote.
  • How much does it cost to install a food forest?
    Well, that depends. Every situation is different and has many variables such as size and condition of the property, complexity of the design, additional hardscaping or irrigation elements, density of the planting, etc. so it's difficult to offer a set number. However, we have provided some ball park figures to give you an idea of what to plan for. Click the image below to view.
  • I already have design or plan for my landscpaing, can you install it for me?"
    Absolutely! There is a bid fee of $250 for the first acre, and $25/each additional acre. The bid fee is for the time it will take to create your plant inventory pull list and invoice. The installation fee is an additional cost and varies depending on the location of your property, number of team members, and equipment needed to fulfull your plan. A 20% deposit is required. Please email with your project information to get a quote.
  • My plants arrived looking kind of sad. What do I do?
    Shipping can be hard on plants, especially the farther you are away from Florida. We include a plant care guide with every shipment that provides instructions on reviving and adapting your new babies to your environment. If you need more help, please email
  • I followed the plant guide, but my plant died anyway. Can I get a replacement?"
    Sadly, sometimes the shock of shipping is just too hard on some plants and they don't bounce back, even with the tenderest of care. Just email pictures of your plant, your order number, and contact information to and we'll get a replacement plant sent out to you right away!
  • How do I place an order for nursery pick up?
    First you'll want to get our latest nusery plant list here: Then, you just email a list of plants you want to with the following information: - plant name - variety (if applies) - size - quantity - your contact information **Note: If you cannot meet the $200 bulk order minimum requirement, you are welcome to split the purchase/appointment requirement with a friend like some of our past patrons have done! One of our team members will get back to you to verify those plants are still available and schedule your no-contact pick up. Please allow 1-2 business days for our team to reply to your request. We'll reach out with an agreed date/time or offer alternatives to get you on our calendar ASAP. When the appointment is scheduled, the confirmation includes directions/instructions to our private location. Your order will be collected & ready for your scheduled arrival time. We encourage you to have a transportation plan before arrival, including any supplies you may need to keep plants from sliding during transit. An invoice will be sent to your email for review before your appointment, payment is requested once plants have been accepted. Cash or check preferred; other payment options available upon request.
  • Can I browse the nursery and buy plants when I’m there?
    Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, the farm and nursery are closed to the public to protect our team members.
  • Do you offer bulk discounts?
    Yes, we do! 10% off for orders $1000+ 15% off for orders $2000+ 20% off for orders $3000+ A 20% deposit is required.
  • Do you offer delivery of plants?
    Yes, we do! The minimum order is $200 plus delivery fee which is $150 for the first 25 miles from the farm and $3/mile after that. A 20% deposit is required.
  • Where can I find a list of plants I can buy from the nursery?
    You can find that here: The plant list is updated weekly, but inventory changes constantly. So please contact to verify availabilty.
  • What products to you offer for delivery?
    We deliver: Plants Mulch Compost Bio-Char
  • How do I schedule a delivery?
    Just email with your contact information, property address, and quantity of item you wish to have delivered. If you are having plants delivered, you will need to provide the name, variety, size, and quantity of each plant as well.
  • What is the delivery fee?
    The base delivery fee is $150 for the first 25 miles from the farm and $3/additional mile.
  • If I order two different items for delivery, is there a second charge?"
    Yes, this will incur two separate charges for two separate deliveries. We cannot combine our mulch & compost in the same truck.
  • Do you offer Farm/Nursery Tours?
    No, unfortunately, at this time the farm is closed to the public.
  • How much mulch do I need?
    1 yard of mulch will cover 100 sq ft 3 inches deep.
  • How much does mulch cost?
    Delivered & installed, $75 per yard (includes labor cost + materials combined) Dropped at designated location, $200 a truck load (12-15 yards) Delivery fee is additional.
  • What is Bio-Char?
    Biochar is an ancient practice that converts waste into the #1 long-term soil amendment that we have on this planet. It has the capacity to absorb carbon from the air/atmosphere, secures the food system, and increases biodiversity in the soil. It even has the capability to reverse deforestation. The process of creating Biochar is completed with a fine-grained, highly porous activated charcoal that helps soils retain nutrients and water. Because of it’s porosity, it contains a microscopic infinity of nooks & crannies for organic matter to reside. It is said that a fingernail-sized piece of biochar is able to lock up a ½ acre in surface nutrients. That means that this is a huge deal in just a little tiny pinch!
  • How much does Bio-Char cost?
    $40 for 40lb bag $750 for 1000lb tote
  • Do you sell organic compost?
    Yes, we do! It is $50/yard, available in (6 yard quantities only) + delivery fee.
  • Can I hire GreenDreams to install plants for me without a design?
    Yes, you can hire the GreenDream team to install your plants and trees! The labor rate ranges between $2-4k per day, depending on location, crew size & equipment requirements. Soil amendments, plants, lodging (if needed), etc. are additional costs. 20% deposit required.
  • I want to buy one or two trees but can't install them myself. Can you help me?
    Yes, we can! Trees are a big investment, so you want to get them planted and off to a good start! The installation price depends on the species of tree and location in your yard (ex, in an existing bed or the yard with grass), but you are looking at roughly: $175-225 for 1st tree $120 for each additional tree, installed This cost includes: Selected tree Ground prep Amendments Mulch Delivery
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