Our First Farm Tour

Our first farm tour at Sandhill Farm was a great success! We had a fantastic turnout & couldn't have wished for better company! Taylor Walker, of GreenDreams, gave a fantastic guided walk through our 7acre holistic farming system demonstration site. We are so proud to see the development of our hard work & are so happy that we could share it with all of these wonderful people. We will be putting together our calendar of events for the upcoming months & will be sharing our farm & class schedule with you, as soon as we have our dates set. If you are interested in coming to our next farm tour or one of our informational classes, please sign up for our email newsletter. Be sure to get notific

Tropical Pumpkins

Heat & Humidity Tolerant Tropical Pumpkins Pumpkins are one of the oldest cultivated vegetable crops found in Florida. Pumpkin, pepper, and papaya seeds were found on a native Calusa site located on Pine Island, Florida and were radiocarbon dated at over 2,000 years old. The variety known as "Seminole" pumpkin is believed to be a descendant of these first Calusa fruits. Seminole pumpkins are one of few varieties that thrive in our wet, hot summers here in Florida, and produce loads of sweet, nutrient dense, storable fruits that will keep for over a year.

Our Feathered Family

This is home for our feathered family here at Sandhill Farm. We brought our birds over, from our old homestead, right in the coop where they had been roosting overnight. We were lucky that the last homeowner had already constructed a coop & pen here on the property, so we were able to bring our own coop into the existing system. Initially, we really tried to let our birds free range - with terrible luck. Keeping chickens in the city certainly has it's benefits: less predators (seemed only raccoons, osprey & feral cats were an issue.) Now we are faced with all sorts of open country creatures that want to make a meal of our friends: coyote, fox, bobcats & hawks. To keep our chickens safe,

Miracle Fruit, Synsepalum dulcificum

**Trickery of the Taste Buds** The miracle fruit is one of our favorite things growing here at Sandhill Farm & we love sharing the experience of the fruit with our visitors. For those who have never heard of miracle fruit, it is a small berry that tricks the taste buds. While the taste is mild & sweet, the description of the berry’s flavor isn’t as important as the miraculous changes that happen with your palette, just after eating the fruit. It contains a glycoprotein molecule (miraculin) that activates sweet receptors for an hour after consuming the flesh of the fruit. Lemons & other acidic food will taste as sweet as candy! Because of the fun of this fruit, foodies in major metro area

Our Nursery is Growing!

We have constantly been adding to our nursery inventory with any free time we can find. It has become an interest of ours to collect as many different varieties of fruits, perennial vegetables & other beneficial species that we come across. We have 2 different designated locations on the farm for our nursery stock; a full sunlight spot that is needed by certain species & a filtered sun/partial shade spot for plants that need more delicate conditions. We have been busy collecting & propagating various seeds, cuttings, rhizomes & roots crops for our own food forest garden design here on the farm, or for our clients’ projects. Some of the surplus will be available for sale & we are putting toge

"Mushrooms 101" w/ Benjamin Dion

Benjamin Dion delivered an awesome presentation yesterday, with his “Mushrooms 101” class here at our home base, Sand Hill Farm. We had a great turnout with our participants, who learned a great deal about the lifecycles of fungi, how to identify wild culinary & medicinal species & how to cultivate mycelium in their own home settings. Benjamin even offered our group a live demonstration of the inoculation of saw dust & wheat germ with King Stropharia (Stropharia rugosoannulata), with his DIY still box. Everyone who attended yesterday’s event received an oyster mushroom starter to take home & a head full of new information. *Photo of our barn loft classroom here Sandhill Farm filled with wond

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