Heat Loving Food Crops: Tropical & Perennial Vegetables 101

If you are looking for alternatives to leafy greens & carbohydrate/starch crops,especially during the hot months of the year, then it might be time you get to know your perennial/tropical vegetables. Take a virtual trip around the globe & discover all the terrains that similar to our own growing challenges. In the summertime, grocery store leafy greens might do great in all of the states north of here, but are out of the question in our own Florida garden beds. Instead, we should be looking to eat like the rest of the world does; perennial greens from the tropics, from Asian terrain, from the tropical forests of Central & South America & even some of the staples from the African continent.

Fungi & Beneficial Creatures: Our Allies In The Garden

To go further into depth from our last article on building soil, we want to get into the subject of the benefits of fungi & beneficial creatures in the garden. If you missed that previous article, you can read it here. Fungus Among Us We felt that that this portion of the post was worthy of it’s own explanation, simply because fungi are so important to the planet's health & especially useful to have around in the case of regenerative farming & ecological garden design. Quite often, we are asked about the mushrooms/fungi in our clients’ beds or pathways. Often, people are concerned when they see mushrooms appear in the mulch & want our opinion on what to do about it. So, if you are wonder

Building An Ecosystem From the Ground Up: Healthy Soil

CONVERTING YOUR FLORIDA YARD INTO AN EDIBLE LANDSCAPE OR ECOLOGICAL FOREST GARDEN: A BEGINNER’S SHORT GUIDE Step 1: Healthy Soil Start with an understanding of healthy soil.The single most important detail of successful organic gardening here in Florida is to understand the conditions our soil & what we can do about it. Mulch is everything & we cannot overstate that enough. We are not talking about ordinary garden mulch, though – bagged mulch from the garden store isn’t going to give us what we need. The mulch we are referring to is the biologically diverse, partially decomposed mulch that comes from tree trimmings; it contains billions of organisms in one square inch & builds soils. Why

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