Awapuhi Ginger, Zingiber zurembet

If you live in a temperate to tropical climate & have areas of your property that are shaded or have filtered sunlight, you can grow Awapuhi ginger. We have many clusters of this beautiful species growing all around our food forest garden & are more than happy to offer some rooted rhizomes to our locals, upon request. (They will also be available at our scheduled Saturday events over the coming weeks.) Awapuhi has also been given the name of Pinecone Ginger or Shampoo Ginger. The rhizomes (roots) can be pounded into a pulp & used as a medicinal tea for indigestion & circulation, or it could also be used as a poultice for toothaches & severe sprains. While awapuhi rhizomes are not as tasty as

1st Farm Class: Intro to Permaculture @ Sandhill Farm

We are super excited with the way our 1st farm event turned out today! Our “Intro to Permaculture” class was a great success & our attendees gained some great insight into the realm of permaculture & how we are applying it here on our very own food forest garden design. "Permaculture is a system of design that provides all of the needs for humanity in a way that benefits the environment" -Geoff Lawton This "Intro to Permaculture" class was presented by Taylor Walker (of Green Dreams), an experienced Permaculture designer, horticulturalist, and educator, who has hosted classes at many botanical gardens, extension offices, universities and botanical interest groups. This class was an exciting

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