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GreenDreams Featured on WMNF

Pete Kanaris & Taylor Walker, of GreenDreams, were invited on to the Sustainable Living & Alternative Health Show on WMNF Community Radio (88.5FM) on Monday, February 2nd. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO THE ARCHIVED RADIO SHOW. (Look for podcast dated 2/2/15)

We had a fantastic conversation with John Butts (bi-weekly host of the Sustainable Living Show & Founder of EcoFarm in Tampa, FL), Jim Kovaleski (Freedom House Farm) & Bree Cheetham (Founder of Dunedin Organic Co-op). We were all able to share our services & talk about everything we are growing this time of the year. Also discussed: hugelkultur, growing mushrooms, foraging for wild mushrooms, preparing for warmer weather, perennial vegetables, Moringa trees & our farm tours. Listeners were able to call in & ask questions and find remedies to the complications they might be having in their own gardens.

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