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Miracle Fruit, Synsepalum dulcificum

**Trickery of the Taste Buds** The miracle fruit is one of our favorite things growing here at Sandhill Farm & we love sharing the experience of the fruit with our visitors. For those who have never heard of miracle fruit, it is a small berry that tricks the taste buds. While the taste is mild & sweet, the description of the berry’s flavor isn’t as important as the miraculous changes that happen with your palette, just after eating the fruit. It contains a glycoprotein molecule (miraculin) that activates sweet receptors for an hour after consuming the flesh of the fruit. Lemons & other acidic food will taste as sweet as candy! Because of the fun of this fruit, foodies in major metro areas have been hosting tasting parties, where "flavor-tripping" guests have claimed that Tabasco sauce tastes like glazed doughnuts & that lemon sorbet added to Guinness beer resembles a chocolate shake! The miracle fruit berries are sold online as an extremely expensive delicacy, costing as much as $2.00 per frozen berry + shipping, so growing your own miracle fruit bush will provide you endless entertainment with a fraction of the price tag. We will be offering a miracle fruit/lemon slice tasting during this Saturday morning’s class here at the farm (8/16). We would love if you could come out & join us for a 10:00am presentation on “Growing Florida’s Best Fruits” by Taylor Walker, where he will go into further detail about growing this species & many other incredible fruits. (Link in comment section below.) Miracle fruit bushes will be available for purchase after this Saturday’s event, or any of our other farm day events we have here at our home base, Sandhill Farm. We have different size pots/prices for you to choose from. If you are interested in purchasing any nursery items from us, please check out our event calendar to see when we are open to the public (see link below). Or, if you would like us to come to your home or business, we can offer you a comprehensive consultation & discuss how we can incorporate many useful plants into your own landscape design. Send us a message or call us if you would like more information on our consulting service.


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