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Millions of Mangos

Mangoes are one of the most widely consumed tree-borne fruits in the world. Their adaptable nature, ease of care, and bountiful yields, all contribute to their global acceptance and even reverence. As far as fruit tree care goes, it really doesn’t get much easier than the mango. Under favorable South Florida conditions grafted nursery specimens generally take 3 years to establish. After establishment mangoes in Florida require almost no care, besides harvest and mulching.

For the first 3-5 years, young mango trees benefit from structural pruning, biannual manure application, and moderate ground level irrigation. A mulched mature tree should require almost no irrigation, or fertilizer. We advocate minimal yearly pruning on established trees to keep their size in check which enables easier harvest and care.

Although the mango can be a low maintenance tree many commercial growers apply fungicides, fertilizers, and pesticide to their trees. The average homeowner growing hardy mango varities for household consumption need not worry about these unnecessary and unnatural amendments.

We are currently nearing the peak of the mango ripening season in Florida, so go out there and get some real, fresh mangos (not the grocery store type). It is also a great time of the year to plant mangoes, we have access to over 10 delicious and hardy varities of mango plants. Send an email to or call us at 727.439.6700, so we can help you select and plant a bountiful, hardy, mango tree.


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