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Urban Tropical Meditation Garden + Food Forest, Tampa, FL

The GreenDreams Team has been busy installing our edible/useful garden designs over the past couple weeks! We have more than a few pictures of our progress to share with you from many different gardens from all around the Tampa Bay Area.

We just finished a new favorite of ours: a sensory & meditation garden we created in the historic Seminole Heights area of Tampa, FL. The property owner is a teacher at several meditation/mindfulness centers across the west coast of Florida & beyond. He requested a place of peace in his backyard that was full of fragrance & visual aspects (butterflies, birds & bees), plus a wide variety of the freshest fruits & vegetables possible right outside his back door. We are pretty sure we've met his needs with our attention to detail, our quality workmanship & our strong passion.

After cleaning out some of the old landscape materials, we were able to salvage every individual plant that didn’t fit our new design or purpose. After the prior plants were removed, they were carefully potted for re-use at another property & all the other existing plants to remain in the garden design were carefully trimmed. Some of the new plants/features we chose in this design: An airplane hanger wire espalier system for the pergola, (4) 4x8’ potager-style raised beds for annual veggies with drip irrigation system, A privacy wall of clumping bamboo, layered behind a food forest installation of Mangos, Grumichama, Carambola (Starfruit), Canistel, Sapodilla, Longans, Guavas, Bananas, Persimmons, Jackfruit, Sugar Apples, Muntingia, Mysore Raspberries, Tropical Cherries, Jaboticaba + many different herbaceous layer plants, edible hibiscus varities & ground cover plants. Throughout the remainder of the backyard, we planted many butterfly attracting/nectar species & other gems for the senses: Jasmine, Gardenias, Etc.

Our team is beyond excited to see how this design came together & we can’t wait to come back each month to see the growth. We will be sure to keep you posted, as we return to this fresh little piece of paradise in the city.


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