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Giving Back: A Deserving Garden Project

One of our teams’ earliest dreams was to have the ability to give back to the community, especially through youth education. We have made those dreams a reality because of the support we have received from our customers & community. Our latest outreach project was very special to us & we feel that this is the most important service we can offer. Our GreenDreams team joined forces with Cissy Brady, a superstar youth educator who manages & teaches on a 1acre ecological garden at Learning Gate School in Tampa, FL.

We learned about our latest volunteer project through a mutual friend, who informed us of a need for some garden guidance at the Metropolitan ministries campus in downtown Tampa. Metropolitan ministries is a nonprofit center that works with poor & homeless families providing counseling, schooling, housing food and career development opportunities.

During our visit we worked with in small groups (around 50 kids) ranging from ages 4 to 10, to fill six raised beds with compost, weeded existing beds, and planted a variety of vegetables and herbs. Everyone involved was so grateful for the truckload of compost we brought to help this deserving group stay successful with their garden endeavors. The families & volunteers learned a lot and had a great time, judging by the pictures of these smiling faces.

If you would like to learn more about Metropolitan Ministries, click here.

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