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Coming Full Circle with Eric Toensmeier

Yesterday was beyond epic here at Sandhill Farm with all of our guests! We were especially thrilled to have our guest of honor, Eric Toensmeier! It was one of our team's best moments yet, since Eric is the author of a couple of our favorite books; Perennial Vegetables & Edible Forest Gardens.

We originally met Eric in May of 2012, where we all attended his advanced course on Edible Forest Garden Design at Earth Learning in Homestead, FL. It was in that very class, during one of the small group projects that we came up with the farming concept/business model that is currently coming into fruition here at our own demo site, Sandhill Farm.

It was such an honor to have him here to tour our site with his current students, to be able to share with all of them - how we have applied our vision & our dedication.

We are in the midst of making plans to have Eric Toensmeier come back again in the fall for another advanced design course here on site. If you are interested in attending & would like more information, you can send us an email & we will be happy to add you to our update list.

If you would like to learn more about Eric & his work, you can find the link to his company,

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