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Tropical Pumpkins, Part 2

From Part 1:

Heat & Humidity Tolerant Tropical Pumpkins

"Pumpkins are one of the oldest cultivated vegetable crops found in Florida. Pumpkin, pepper, and papaya seeds were found on a native Calusa site located on Pine Island, Florida and were radiocarbon dated at over 2,000 years old. The variety known as

"Seminole" pumpkin is believed to be a descendant of these first Calusa fruits. Seminole pumpkins are one of few varieties that thrive in our wet, hot summers here in Florida, and produce loads of sweet, nutrient dense, storable fruits that will keep for over a year."

We had pretty good success growing a variety of Seminole pumpkin through the hottest, most humid months here at Sandhill Farm, our own demonstration site, and our only regret is that we didn't plant enough of them. We were able to harvest about 70lbs. out of just a small about of seed, but would have had more, if it had not been for this old, wise tortoise tenant who moved into the market garden,

& gobbled up many young pumpkins & other treats we had planted. As they ripen, the taste is almost exact to a pie pumpkin that most people are familiar with. Since our harvest, we have been roasting them for soups & in bite-sized cubes as salad topping or taco filling. Our family was pretty impressed with our Seminole pumpkin recipes over the holidays & especially excited with the fact that they were home grown. It really makes the experience of eating it that much more appreciated!

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