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Our Nursery is Growing!

We have constantly been adding to our nursery inventory with any free time we can find. It has become an interest of ours to collect as many different varieties of fruits, perennial vegetables & other beneficial species that we come across. We have 2 different designated locations on the farm for our nursery stock; a full sunlight spot that is needed by certain species & a filtered sun/partial shade spot for plants that need more delicate conditions. We have been busy collecting & propagating various seeds, cuttings, rhizomes & roots crops for our own food forest garden design here on the farm, or for our clients’ projects. Some of the surplus will be available for sale & we are putting together a list of those that will be available for purchase during our farm day events we have here at our home base, Sandhill Farm. If you are interested in purchasing nursery items from us, please check out our event calendar to see when we are open to the public. Or even better, if you would like us to come to your home or business - we can offer you a comprehensive consultation & discuss how we can incorporate many of these useful plants into your own landscape design.


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