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Consultation, Design & Installation guide

Food Forest Gardens, Edible Landscapes and Ecological Design

Creating a Sustainable Ecosystem: Transform Your Space

At GreenDreams, we are not just landscapers—we create living ecosystems. Our expertise lies in designing sustainable, edible, and native landscapes that thrive in Florida's unique climate. From lush food forests to purpose-driven gardens, our designs embody biodiversity and sustainability.

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Our Process: Consultation to Installation


Our journey begins with a personalized consultation, aligning our expertise with your vision. This initial service is required for all design and installation services.  


Design + Estimation
We meticulously craft bespoke designs to scale, integrating Florida's diverse edible and native species to establish functional, ecological landscapes. *Design service is additional cost.


Precision and care define our installation, ensuring each garden's resilience and abundance.  



The Heart of Our Service: Plant Mastery

Since 2011, our extensive nursery of organic fruit trees, edible plants, and natives stands at the forefront of Florida’s ecological landscape design. We leverage this living library to infuse every project with unmatched vibrancy and sustainability.

Your Access to Our Plant Collection

Our exceptional range of plants is available within our Spring Hill nursery, empowering you to cultivate your own piece of paradise.

Visit our webpage to embark on your journey towards a sustainable, productive, and beautiful landscape with the seasoned artisans at GreenDreams. We have hundreds of non-toxic species ready for our clients and offer retail nursery pickup, local bulk order delivery, and delivery across the continental U.S.

Your Path to an Inspired Landscape with GreenDreams

Personalized Consultation

We begin with you at the heart of every design. Reflect on your current space and what you envision for its future. By understanding your aesthetic preferences, maintenance expectations, and budget, we craft a landscape that embodies your unique aspirations.

Design Theme Selection

Choose a theme that complements your home's architecture and the natural local environment. This guiding concept will steer your design towards a harmonious and authentic aesthetic.

Cohesive Design Elements

Utilize architectural, cultural, or natural themes to seamlessly blend form and style. These elements are crucial in creating a unified and inviting garden space that resonates with your personal taste.

Sustainable Design Practices

Our expertise lies in eco-friendly and permaculture-inspired gardens. We specialize in food forests and edible landscapes that prioritize biodiversity and ecological health over conventional ornamental gardens.

Budget and Maintenance Planning

We believe in transparent discussions about your budget and maintenance willingness to ensure the landscape we design is a practical and enjoyable space for you.

Tailored Design Experience

At GreenDreams, your landscape is custom-designed to reflect your personality, site specifics, and interaction level. We're dedicated to transforming your vision into a living ecosystem that grows with you.

Expert Consultation for Tailored Edible Landscapes

Maximizing Your Landscape's Potential with GreenDreams

Unlock the full potential of your property with our expert onsite consultation—a pivotal first step toward a thriving, sustainable landscape in Florida's dynamic environment.

In-Depth Site Analysis

Our detailed evaluation of soil, terrain, and climate lays the foundation for a landscape that's as resilient as it is beautiful.

Soil Assessment

Soil is the lifeblood of your garden. Our expertise in soil assessment guides plant health and eco-friendly water management, embracing the land's innate strengths.

Climate Considerations

Florida's diverse climate zones are no match for our region-specific landscaping strategies, informed by the USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map and local weather patterns.

Microclimate Identification

We turn every inch of your property's unique sun and shade areas into opportunities for growth, diversity, and garden vitality.

First-Rate Materials

Our meticulous inventory ensures every landscape element is harmonized, from utilities to architectural features, for seamless design integration.

Architectural Integration

The design of your outdoor space will reflect and enhance the architecture of your home, ensuring a seamless transition from indoors to out.

Consultation Expectations & Pricing:
Laying the Groundwork for Your Dream Landscape

Begin your landscaping adventure with our expert consultation service, designed to set the stage for your project’s success. We merge professional accumen with personalized attention to ensure every consultation is informative and fully collaborative. 
​**This initial service is required for all design and installation services.


Merging Your Vision with Our Expertise

Our consultations offer a melting pot of ideas, refining your vision with professional insights. We commit to crafting a space that’s not just beautiful but practical, ensuring every detail aligns with your desires.

Problem-Solving Approach: Paving the Way to Perfection

Every landscape has its quirks. We approach these unique challenges head-on, providing tailored solutions and clear-cut strategies, all while meticulously recording site details for precise planning in subsequent stages.

Personalized Advice: Empowering Your Choices

With a wealth of knowledge and a dedication to excellence, we're here to address your questions, offering the advice and confidence you need to make decisions that will shape your landscape’s future.

Transparent Pricing: Your Investment in Excellence

For our Tampa Bay community, consultations start at $350, a testament to our pursuit of value and quality. For wider Florida locales, initial rates begin at $1000, reflective to the additional cost of travel time. Please refer to our zone map below for detailed pricing specific to your area. Please note that the cost of design is a separate expense, quoted to reflect project scope and size. **See design pricing chart details below.**

Easy Booking: Your Commitment to Quality

To book your consultation, a $100 non-refundable deposit is required, establishing our joint dedication to creating a landscape that embodies innovation and beauty. Inquire through our contact page to learn about deposit payment options.

Preparing For Your Consultation


Preparing Your Vision

Before our consultation, identify your goals and preferences. Consider what types of plants, trees, and other elements you would like included in your landscape. 


Addressing Concerns

Make a list of any issues or challenges you have observed in your space. Be prepared to discuss these during the consultation.


Ensuring Site Access

Ensure that your property is accessible for the consultation, providing any necessary access information such as gate codes beforehand.


Asking Questions

During the consultation, feel free to ask questions. We are here to provide clarifications and ensure you understand the proposed recommendations and plans.


Gathering Essential Documentation for Precision

Starting with the right foot forward in any landscaping or permaculture project means having a solid base of accurate documentation. This includes detailed measurements, clear photographs, and any available property surveys. Providing this essential information at the outset facilitates a smoother, more streamlined design process, allowing us to develop solutions that are perfectly tailored to your unique space.

Having thorough documentation helps minimize unexpected issues or expenses, ensuring that the project unfolds as seamlessly as possible. This approach allows us to create thoughtful, accurate/precise designs that resonate with your vision and enhance the natural beauty of your property.

digital DESIGN consult + first draft

🌱 From Consultation to Design Phase: What's Next?

After the fruitful consultation phase, there are important steps to ensure a smooth transition into the design and implementation phase, while your project is in the planning phase.

Yard Maintenance Prior to Installation

  • Essential Note: Maintaining your yard is crucial right up until our team arrives for installation. A well-kept yard facilitates an efficient teardown, saving you time and costs.

  • Financial Implication: Neglecting yard maintenance may incur additional fees*.

Project Updates and Neighbor Relations

  • Recent Changes: Notify us immediately if any significant changes to your property have occurred between the time of the consultation and the actual work.

  • Neighborhood Communication: If you have nearby neighbors, a heads-up about the upcoming work tends to make for a more harmonious experience.

Additional Fees and Responsibilities

Additional fees may arise for specific circumstances, such as tree stump removal, fence relocation, etc. 🌿🏡

Our Approach to Transformative Garden Design & Installation

Expert Planning for Garden Excellence

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Expert Planning for Garden Excellence

Precision Site Analysis

Site-specific design rooted in comprehensive terrain and climate assessment ensures your garden’s foundation is solid from the outset.

Strategic Goal-Setting

Clear objectives guide a purposeful design, turning your aspirations into a tangible blueprint for a bountiful garden.

Smart Budgeting

Cost-effective solutions balance financial savvy with high-quality results, investing where it counts.

Compliance Confidence

Regulatory savvy means your garden exceeds environmental standards while enhancing community spaces.

landscape design.png

Inspired Designing for Year-Round Vibrancy


Season-Smart Adaptation

Evergreen designs embrace Florida’s climate, delivering beauty through every season.

Rich Biodiversity

Diverse ecosystems thrive under our guidance, inviting beneficial wildlife and promoting natural balance.

Proportional Harmony

Visual synergy between land and home for a garden that complements and enhances your living space.

Adaptive Futures

Evolution-ready landscapes grow with your future, ensuring long-term value and flexibility.


Sustainable Success for Minimal Upkeep


Low-Maintenance Planning

Ease of care crafted into every design for a garden that’s as effortless as it is enchanting.

Enduring Growth Strategies

Sustainable practices foster gardens that don’t just grow but thrive, enriching your property for years to come.

GreenDreams: Crafting Multifunctional Gardens with Purpose

Discover the art of ecological landscaping.

We expertly blend aesthetics with functionality, focusing on edible landscapes and Florida's native species to cultivate gardens that nourish both body and soul.

Smart Investment in Your GreenDreams Landscape

At GreenDreams, we ensure your landscape vision is realized with financial and practical wisdom. We integrate your aspirations with a sustainable investment and maintenance strategy, essential for the longevity of your garden’s splendor.

Tailored Budget Management

Initiating our collaboration, we align your financial scope with our innovative design strategies. Your budget informs our choices—from plant varieties to hardscape details—maximizing your garden's value and ecological impact.

Maintenance Designed for You

We design with your lifestyle in mind. Understanding your maintenance capacity is vital in creating a garden that's as manageable as it is beautiful. We adapt the complexity of the landscape to fit your routine, ensuring a thriving garden with minimal stress.

Personalized Garden Solutions

Your budget and maintenance preferences guide us in customizing a landscape that resonates with you. Our client-centric approach guarantees a garden that is not only a visual haven but also a practical extension of your home environment.

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Navigating Your Path to a Dream Landscape: The GreenDreams Design 🌿

Design Fee for Your Master Plan 🌟

Elevate your journey by embracing our comprehensive Master Plan service. This pivotal design fee serves as the ignition, transforming your visions into vivid and actionable blueprints that will bring your land to life.

Our Approach: Artistry and Dedication

At GreenDreams, our Master Design Plan is reminiscent of a personalized, commissioned work of art. It serves as the foundation for your dream landscape, much like a skilled artist transforms a canvas into a masterpiece.

Our design costs typically range from $1,500 to $2,500 for a digitized design under an acre, depending on intensity & number of project phase requirements. Our skilled landscape designers meticulously craft your dream project to scale, leveraging the precision of the survey documents you provide for accuracy. This ensures that every element of your vision is translated into a detailed and feasible plan that aligns perfectly with your goals. 🌱📐

Each Additional Acre
1/2 to 1 acre
1/4 to 1/2 acre
5-10K Sq. Ft.
0-5K Sq. Ft

Frequently Asked Design Questions


We specialize in delivering a single, working design for your landscape project. This approach allows us to pour our efforts into one meticulously crafted plan, specifically tailored to fit your individual needs and dreams, ensuring that every detail is carefully woven into a cohesive and harmonious landscape design.

Can I get a refund if I'm not satisfied with the design?

Our services focus on personalized artistry, which by its nature, is a significant investment of time and creative effort that cannot be refunded. However, we believe in the power of partnership and continuous collaboration to achieve satisfaction. We are committed to working closely with you within our contract's framework to ensure that the final design meets your expectations.

Why does your service only offer one landscape design option?

We provide one single working design because it embodies the full spectrum of our creative process, concentrating on depth, precision, and an understanding of your vision. Offering multiple options can often lead to a lack of focus and compromise the integrity of the final landscape plan. Our aim is to create a design that is not only functional but also an aesthetic representation of your vision.

How do you ensure that the final design aligns with my vision?

We've found that a clear initial vision and open communication are key to preventing disappointment. Our single-design focus encourages an in-depth dialogue and understanding from the start. By maintaining continuous communication, we adapt the evolving design to your feedback, refining it until it aligns seamlessly with your aspirations.

What steps do you take to create a landscape design that meets my expectations?

We start by understanding your landscape needs and aspirations through thorough consultation. We then craft a detailed plan, taking into account every facet of your vision. Through continuous collaboration, we adjust and fine-tune the design, ensuring that the final landscape is a true realization of your dream space.

What happens if there are scope changes or new ideas during the design process?

We welcome new ideas and changes as part of the collaborative process, so long as they fit within the original scope and overall layout. We work within the agreed contract terms to accommodate scope changes, ensuring that any new concepts are integrated into the design with the same level of detail and cohesiveness as the original plan. Our goal is always to work hand in hand with you to refine and perfect the design.

Journey of Transformation: What to Expect
Design Consultation: Shaping Your Dream Landscape

Your Vision, Our Priority:

At GreenDreams, it all starts with our Design Consultation. This is where your dreams for the perfect landscape take center stage. We put your ideas first, listening carefully to understand your aspirations and begin the process of transforming your vision into a concrete design plan.

  • Expertise at Your Service: Our team comes equipped with a wealth of design knowledge and experience, and we're driven by a deep commitment to understanding your unique vision. We engage in meaningful conversations to ensure that every single detail of your project is meticulously tailored to match your goals and desires.

  • A Space for Collaboration: Our consultation environment is designed to foster collaboration. It's a place where clarity and creativity come together seamlessly. We encourage open dialogue, making sure that ideas flow freely and that innovative design concepts take shape productively.

Defining Boundaries: Solidifying Major Design Elements

1. Finalizing Major Details: In the crucial completion phase at GreenDreams, solidifying the major elements of your design is imperative. Confirming the fundamental aspects such as layout, primary features, and overall scope at this juncture is essential for maintaining a smooth and efficient project flow.

2. Promoting a Seamless Execution: By firmly establishing the core components of your landscape design, we facilitate a structured and seamless execution. This deliberate approach helps prevent disruptive alterations and ensures that the project progresses according to the planned timeline and vision.

3. Encouraging Thoughtful Decisions: We encourage clients to make thoughtful and final decisions regarding the major design aspects at this stage. This approach helps in minimizing uncertainties, preventing continuous changes, and ensuring that the project adheres to professional boundaries and standards.

4. Flexibility with Minor Adjustments: While the overarching design needs to be finalized, we maintain a level of flexibility to accommodate minor adjustments, such as plant selections. This approach ensures that the design retains a degree of adaptability, allowing for refinement without compromising the project’s integrity.

5. Maintaining Professional Integrity: Establishing clear boundaries is essential to uphold the professional integrity of the design process. It discourages undue alterations and fosters a respectful and productive working environment, ensuring that the project flourishes within a well-defined scope and direction.

We encourage thoughtful consideration and decisive selections concerning the overall layout and background features at this juncture. Post this phase, modifications, particularly to the fundamental layout, become considerably more challenging due to the progression of added materials and detailed design elements.

Initial Design Draft: Crafting the Blueprint

Our skilled designers meticulously translate your articulated visions and ideas into coherent visual drafts. This tangible representation is a vital step, serving as a preliminary glimpse into the potential transformation of your space.

Your ideas are the protagonist in this creative narrative, and our expertise acts as a catalyst, ensuring those ideas are presented with clarity and feasibility. This process is a delicate balance of innovation and practicality, ensuring that the original essence of your vision is preserved while being enhanced for optimal results.

This initial blueprint is not just a drawing; it's an open invitation for collaboration and feedback. It allows room for refinement and adjustment, ensuring that the final design is nothing short of a personalized masterpiece. Join us in this exploratory phase, where possibilities unfold, and a mutual vision begins to flourish.

STEP three:
finalizing your vision

Feedback and Revisions: Sculpting Perfection

Our Design DreamTeam provides the guidance to navigate a dynamic feedback process, allowing for refinements that hone and elevate the design to mirror your aspirations with exceptional accuracy.

Locking in Your Landscape Vision

As we transition into the concluding phase of the design process, it’s crucial to finalize the general landscape features and selections. This is a pivotal moment where the foundation of your dream space is solidified, ensuring a smooth and efficient transformation during the implementation phase.

Committing to Your Choices

At this critical stage of our GreenDreams design process, it’s time to make your final decisions. Every element and feature of your landscape project, from the general layout to the specific placements, needs to be definitively chosen and locked in.

The Importance of Precision

Precision is paramount. Changes to fundamental aspects like the background or overall layout become significantly more challenging once the materials and elements have been solidified in the design. Thus, ensuring everything is perfectly in place is crucial for the successful execution of your vision.

Clarity for a Streamlined Process

Our aim is to make the final stages of your design process as clear and straightforward as possible. With professional, concise communication, we ensure that every aspect of your project is understandable and transparent, allowing for a final design that truly aligns with your vision.

Collaborative Fine-Tuning

In this phase, collaboration continues to be key. We work closely with you to fine-tune each detail, ensuring that the finalized landscape is a true reflection of your aspirations, ready to flourish and captivate for years to come.

Solidifying Selections and Materials in the Final Phase

As we embark on the concluding phase of your landscape’s transformation journey, a pivotal step awaits: the finalization of landscape materials and nursery selections. This crucial stage requires meticulous attention to detail and decisive actions to ensure the seamless progression and execution of your project.

Specificity is Key

If there are cultivars or unique species you wish to feature in your landscape, now is the moment to make those selections known. We offer a reservation option for exclusive cultivars to guarantee their presence in your final design, subject to a deposit. Without reservation, please be aware that plant materials may be replaced with the most suitable and available cultivars.

Proactive Communication

We encourage a proactive approach in communicating any specific preferences or requests regarding species, cultivars, and additional details as we move into the final detail phase of design. Your inputs are invaluable in crafting a design that is harmoniously aligned with your vision and aesthetic aspirations.


Please note that subsequent changes to the final design are permissible within the scope of species/cultivar adjustments and pattern modifications. However, significant alterations, such as overarching landscape feature modifications or complete redesign requests, may incur additional fees.

Feedback and Revisions: Sculpting Perfection

Our Design DreamTeam provides the guidance to navigate a dynamic feedback process, allowing for refinements that hone and elevate the design to mirror your aspirations with exceptional accuracy.

Feedback and Revisions: Sculpting Perfection

Our Design DreamTeam provides the guidance to navigate a dynamic feedback process, allowing for refinements that hone and elevate the design to mirror your aspirations with exceptional accuracy.

We aim to cultivate a flexible and supportive design process.
Minor refinements are welcome to ensure the utmost satisfaction with your landscape blueprint. However, we kindly emphasize that substantial revisions are best addressed during the earlier stages of design consultation and preliminary design, ensuring a smooth and delightful realization of your garden dream.

Final Design Approval: Sealing the Blueprint

The final design approval is a pivotal phase where the blueprint of your envisioned landscape gets our mutual seal of approval. This is where the comprehensive planning, detailed discussions, and creative designs converge to a finely tuned, actionable plan.

Finalizing Landscape Elements

• At this stage, all general landscape features and selections must be finalized. Specific cultivars or other landscape materials that you prefer should be confirmed, allowing us to reserve and prepare them for your landscape project.

Nursery Selections and Reservations

• Decisions regarding species, cultivars, and other key details need to be firmly established. Deposits may be required to secure specific, high-demand items to ensure availability for your project.

Adjustments and Modifications

• Minor adjustments, such as species or cultivar replacements, can still be accommodated. However, substantial changes to the overall landscape design or layout are limited at this point, and additional fees may apply for significant redesigns.

Yard Maintenance

• Ensure your yard is well-maintained up until the installation phase. Proper maintenance is crucial for a smooth and efficient installation process, and neglecting this aspect might incur extra costs.

Coordination and Communication

• Effective coordination with utility services and thoughtful communication with neighbors are integral for a smooth workflow and harmonious installation process. Essential utilities will be coordinated with services like Sunshine811, and clear communication channels will be maintained for any necessary neighborhood notifications.

Payment Schedule

• A clear and concise payment schedule will be provided, outlining all necessary payments and stages, ensuring transparency and mutual understanding throughout the project.

Implementation: Blossoming Transformation

• Revel in the unfolding of your dream landscape, where every crafted element, from lush pathways to vibrant plants, blossoms, bringing your envisioned sanctuary vibrantly to life.

STEP four:
scheduling your project installation

Journey Beyond Design: Transitioning to Installation Brilliance

Your dream landscape, nurtured through stages of thoughtful consultation, creative design, and meticulous planning, is on the brink of blossoming into tangible reality. Here’s a clear roadmap of what unfolds next in this transformative journey with GreenDreams.

1. Final Adjustments and Approvals: Honoring Precision and Satisfaction

The design and estimation phase concludes with a focus on precision and alignment with your vision. All necessary adjustments are fine-tuned, ensuring that the final design mirrors your aspirations accurately. Your approval signifies a mutual understanding and agreement on the design nuances and the accompanying estimated costs, solidifying the foundation for the ensuing installation phase.

2. Scheduling: Cultivating Convenience and Coordination

With a design that echoes your dreams and an estimate that respects your budget, we embark on scheduling the landscape installation. This phase is woven with threads of communication, flexibility, and consideration. We coordinate closely with you, accommodating your schedule and requirements to determine the most convenient and suitable days for initiating the transformative work on your property.

3. Seamless Installation Onset: Navigating Details with Care

With dates secured, the horizon of installation beckons. This is where the elements of our pre- installation guide come into play, guiding the seamless commencement of the project. Yard maintenance, utility coordination, parking considerations, and neighbor notifications are orchestrated with meticulous care, ensuring that the initial phases unfold with clarity and consideration.

4. Financial Clarity: Transparent and Considerate Payment Structures

A clear and respectful payment schedule is established, reflecting our commitment to transparency and your comfort. An initial investment, constituting 30% of the project cost, anchors the scheduling, followed by structured payments that align with the progression of the installation.

5. Continuous Communication: Fostering Harmony and Understanding

Open channels of communication embellish this phase, fostering a harmonious transition through each stage. Timely updates, shared insights, and respectful considerations of neighborhood relations and any recent changes to your property are managed with professionalism and expertise.

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