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Our focus is to mimic the natural succession of a forest.  Our methods encourage the natural ecosystems by creating maximum diversity & life in the soil.  Healthy soils = healthy plants. An agriculture system with ecology in mind maintains itself. Regenerative Agriculture is process-based agriculture, rather than input based agriculture. 


When we first begin our projects, we rely on heavy mulch amendment when possible, using partially decomposed hard wood chips to capture/hold rainfall & we also include swale systems where needed, using the land’s contour lines to catch & hold water. 


We plant specific trees + other supportive species along these contour lines that transform sandy conditions into soil that is nutrient-dense & filled with beneficial organisms & mychorrhiza.  We add BIOCHAR to each of our plantings to create the best possible environment for holding organic material in place where it is needed.


We use native grasses, clumping bamboos other plant groups that can address soil erosion issues. 


We include specific plant choices that provide nutrients to the soil, creating your own direct fertilization & soil production through heavy routine pruning ("Chop & Drop" - composting right on location) & stragecially planting nitrogen-fixing species & other varieties that add different nutrients to the soil.   


The goal of our end-result is permanence.  A system that will continue to produce, whether or not we are physically present to care for it.   Our hope is that our projects will be seen as forest garden legacies for the generations to come.   Click on any of the videos below to see some of our past projects or see the photos of our work below.

Scroll through some of our past projects:

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