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Monstera - Swiss Cheese (Monstera adansonii) 1G

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Monstera, Swiss Cheese (Monstera adansonii) - Live Plant

Ships in a 1 gallon pot

The Monstera adansonii, also known as Swiss Cheese Plant, is a beloved tropical plant with unique and striking foliage that makes it a popular choice for both indoor and outdoor gardening. With its large, glossy, and deeply split leaves, this plant will add a touch of exoticism and greenery to any space.

The Swiss Cheese Monstera is a fast-growing vining plant that loves to climb, making it an ideal choice for those looking to create a lush, tropical atmosphere in their home or garden. Its unique and impressive foliage is what makes it so popular, with each leaf containing oblong-shaped fenestrations, or holes, that give it a distinctive appearance.

As a houseplant, the Swiss Cheese Monstera can grow up to 3-5 feet in height, but with proper support in landscaping, it can reach an impressive height of up to 13 feet. This plant prefers partial sun or indirect light, making it perfect for indoor spaces with bright, filtered light. It can also be grown outdoors in warm, humid climates, where it will thrive in partial shade.

The Swiss Cheese Monstera is a low-maintenance plant that requires well-draining soil, preferably a peat-based mix that retains moisture without becoming waterlogged. It can be fertilized regularly during the growing season, and should be watered moderately, allowing the soil to dry out between waterings.

This plant is native to Central and South America, where it grows in the rainforests and tropical regions. Its natural habitat makes it a great choice for indoor spaces with high humidity, such as bathrooms or kitchens, but it can also be grown in drier environments with the use of a humidifier.

Overall, the Swiss Cheese Monstera is a beautiful, easy-to-grow plant that will add a touch of exoticism and natural beauty to any space. With its impressive height and unique foliage, it's a must-have for any plant lover looking to create a tropical oasis in their home or garden. Order yours today and enjoy the beauty and benefits of this incredible plant!

  • Average mature height: 3-5' as a houseplant. Up to 13' with proper support in landscaping
  • Light: Partial Sun / Indirect Light
  • Soil: Well draining, does well in peat based soils
  • Hardiness zones: 9-11
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Shipping Stress - Transport can cause stress to plants, especially if spending a few days in a dark stuffy box. Leaf drop may occur.  Most plants survive with no problems or with minimal stress and recover quickly others may require extra love and attention with watering and gentle light after unboxing.

Physical damage - Occasionally, boxes become damaged during UPS handling & transport. Our shipping team takes all measures in securely packing your selection/s to minimize all damage and stress on the plant.  We've had great feedback on packing your plants with extra special attention. Unfortunately, it's past our control beyond our packing house.  
In cases of serious box damage, please contact UPS within 30 days to start a claim.
If it's just a broken branch or even part of a stem - just let it grow, take care of your plant and it will respond to your love.

Shipping Long Distances -  Orders that are shipped to the western US can often take 4 to 6 business days for transport, including the delay of agricultural inspections in Arizona, California & Texas. Please note that the quality of tender young plants is more affected by the extra length of stress inside shipping boxes. Extra care is taken during packaging to ensure quick recovery after unboxing.  Often plants need extra care for the first few weeks after transport.  Please review our policy on returns & refunds for more information, as well as our plant care guide. 

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