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Elderberry (Sambucus nigra ssp. canadensis) 4"

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🌿 Native Elderberry (Sambucus nigra ssp. canadensis): A Garden Gem Waiting to Flourish in Your Outdoor Space! 🌿

🌱 Embrace the Beauty of a Unique Native Floridian Treasure!

📦 Packaged Perfection:

  • Arrives in a substantial 4" pot, poised for thriving growth and easy planting.

🌼 Size and Growth: Mastery in Adaptability

  • Size at Shipment: Nestled comfortably in a 4" pot for effortless transition into your garden.
  • Mature Height: An impressive stature of 10-15 feet, boasting a magnificent vertical display. With strategic pruning, maintain at a more modest height, should your space require it.
  • Growth Zones: Excellently adapted to hardiness zones 8-10, embodying Florida’s diversified climate essence.

☀️ Location and Sunlight:

  • Sunlight: A lover of the sun, this plant thrives in full to partial sunlight.
  • Location Preference: Ideally positioned at garden edges or spacious areas to honor its robust growth.

❄️ Cold Hardiness:

  • Resilient and sturdy, it exhibits a remarkable frost tolerance inherent in its nature.

🌿 Flavor Profile: A Symphony of Sensory Delight

Elderberries weave a tantalizing tapestry of taste, embodying a ballet of sweet and sour on the palate. Unlike common berries, Elderberries carry a robust, earthy flavor that evokes notes reminiscent of black currants and blackberries but with a more potent tartness. Their raw charm lies beneath the surface, waiting to be unveiled through the alchemy of cooking and drying.

🌸 Flower’s Fantasy: Blossoming Culinary and Medicinal Miracles

Elder flowers captivate with their delicate fragrance and subtle sweetness. They embody a soft, nectar-like flavor, making them a treasured ingredient in creating elegant syrups, liqueurs, and desserts.

  • Cultural Canvas: Cultures worldwide have embraced Elder flowers in their culinary tapestry and healing traditions. Their blossoms are a hallmark in beverages and sweets, adding a whimsical yet profound essence.

🌺 Ornamental Charm: Nature's Living Artwork in Your Garden

  • Floral Elegance: Elevate your garden’s allure with the Florida Native Elderberry’s delicate white flowers. These blossoms unfold a breathtaking display, embodying nature's exquisite artistry and enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your space.
  • Lush Leaves: Immerse yourself in the plant’s cascading greenery. The lavish leaves create a dense, lush canopy, showcasing the Elderberry’s robust vitality and contributing to a vibrant garden tapestry that captures the eye and soothes the soul.
  • Enchanting Fruits: As the seasons embrace change, witness the transformation of flowers into dark, luscious berries. Their presence is a captivating spectacle, marrying visual appeal with the promise of nutritional richness.
  • Fruiting Habits: The Elderberry is prolific in its generosity, continuously gracing your garden with a bountiful presence. Its consistent fruiting habits ensure a vibrant display, reinforcing the plant’s role as a cornerstone in creating a garden brimming with life and visual splendor.

🌿 Elderberry: A Legacy of Flavor and Healing🍇

  • Versatile Virtues: Elderberries and their blossoms are pillars in traditional recipes and medicinal concoctions, ranging from elderberry wine to soothing teas, manifesting the plant’s versatile virtues.
  • Culinary Alchemy: Elderberries shine when transformed through cooking or drying. They become the stars in jams, pies, and syrups, where their complex flavors are showcased and celebrated.
  • Cautious Consumption: While the berries, when cooked, and flowers are commonly consumed, other parts of the plant, like leaves and stems, should be avoided due to potential toxicity.

🌿 Nutritional and Medicinal Wellspring: Nature’s Healing Touch

Elderberries have forged a formidable reputation in natural medicine, known for bolstering the immune system. Their traditional applications span cultures and continents, with diverse uses ranging from cold and flu remedies to anti-inflammatory agents.

🍇 Suggested Recipe: Elderberry Syrup

Discover the mystical embrace of Elderberry’s essence through a time-honored recipe. Allow the elderberries and flowers to infuse their ancient wisdom and healing embrace into an elixir that nurtures both body and soul. Here, we unveil the secrets to creating a heartwarming Elderberry Syrup, a potion steeped in tradition and woven with the threads of wellness and vitality.


  • 1 cup dried elderberries (Sambucus nigra ssp. canadensis)
  • 1 tablespoon dried elderflower (optional)
  • 3 cups water
  • 1 cup honey
  • 1 cinnamon stick
  • 1 teaspoon fresh ginger, grated
  • 1 tablespoon lemon juice


  1. Begin with a Brew: In a pot, combine elderberries, elderflower, water, cinnamon stick, and ginger. Allow this mixture to reveal its magic by bringing it to a boil, then reducing the heat, letting it simmer for about 30-45 minutes.
  2. Strain with Care: Once the potion has been imbued with elder’s wisdom, gently strain the berries and flowers, capturing the liquid extraction in a bowl.
  3. Sweeten and Preserve: Return the liquid to the pot. Introduce honey and lemon juice to the elixir, stirring gently over low heat until perfectly blended.
  4. Bottle the Blessings: Pour your Elderberry Syrup into sterilized glass bottles or container of choice, sealing the powerful benefits within.
  5. Embrace its Wellness: Consume a tablespoon daily to bask in its wellness-promoting virtues, or use it as a sweet, mystical touch in teas or desserts. Store in refrigerator.

🌿 The Elder Tree in Myth: The Wood of the Cross

In Christian tradition, the Elder Tree (Sambucus nigra) is associated with a poignant and sacred myth. According to legend, it is believed that the wood from the Elder Tree was used to create the Cross on which Jesus Christ was crucified.

The story goes that the Elder Tree was once a proud and tall tree. However, it was deeply grieved when it realized its destiny—to be used for such a painful and significant purpose. In its sorrow, the Elder Tree vowed to never grow tall again, explaining its relatively small stature compared to other trees today.

The myth continues to say that the Elder Tree's tears of sorrow led to the creation of small, white flowers that adorn the tree in spring and early summer throughout Europe and the northern US. These blossoms, symbolizing the tree's repentance and transformation, later give rise to the dark purple berries for which the Elder Tree is known.

This myth underscores the Elder Tree's deep connection to themes of redemption, sacrifice, and transformation in Christian folklore. It is a reminder of the tree's role in the crucifixion story and its enduring presence in cultural narratives. 🌿🙏

(Source: "The Elder Tree and Its Christian Legends." Trees for Life.

✨ Is This Plant for Me?

Ideal for Garden Enthusiasts:

  • Historical Richness: If you're drawn to the allure of plants with deep historical and cultural significance, Elderberry is a captivating addition that will weave tales of tradition and folklore into your garden.
  • Natural Beauty: For those who appreciate the aesthetics of lush greenery, delicate white flowers, and dark berries that merge seamlessly with the landscape, the Elderberry is a botanical masterpiece waiting to be showcased.
  • Botanical Brilliance: If you value the versatility of a plant that can be both ornamental and functional, offering not only visual appeal but also culinary and medicinal benefits, then the Elderberry is a botanical gem worth nurturing.

Not Ideal for Limited Space Gardens:

  • Space Savvy: If your garden space is limited and you prefer plants that don't spread vigorously, the Elderberry's exuberant growth tendencies may not align with your garden's design.
  • Minimalist Aesthetic: Gardens seeking a more minimalist, restrained appearance may find the Elderberry's profusion of leaves, flowers, and berries to be too vibrant and lush for their preferred aesthetic. 🌿🏡

🌿 Best Practices for Planting and Care: Nurturing Your Elderberry

Where to Plant: 🌞 Elderberries adore the sun, so choose a sunny spot in your garden where they can soak up its radiant energy. Ensure the soil drains well, so their roots can stretch and thrive.

Planting Tips: 🌱 When it's time to plant, treat your Elderberry like a treasured guest. Dig a hole that's not just any hole, but a cozy home for its roots. Gently place your plant, making sure it's nestled at just the right depth. Surround it with soil like a warm hug, ensuring there are no air pockets. And, of course, quench its thirst with a generous drink of water to help it settle into its new home.

Suckering Tendency: 🌱 Elderberries are social beings, sending out new shoots from their base like invitations to a garden party. To keep their enthusiasm in check, find a spot where they can mingle without overcrowding other plants. Consider designating a special Elderberry zone, where they can spread their botanical cheer.

Ideal Locations: 🏡 Elderberries are like the life of the garden party, so position them near the edges where they can greet everyone with their exuberance. But remember to let other plants have their moment in the spotlight too – balance is the key to a harmonious garden.

Pruning: ✂️ Regular pruning keeps your Elderberry looking sharp. Wait until late winter or early spring when it's taking a nap, and then give it a spa day. Trim away any dead or unruly bits to rejuvenate its growth.

Care Advice: 💧 To ensure your Elderberry stays happy, make sure the soil drains well and it gets plenty of sunshine. Treat it to a cozy blanket of organic mulch to retain moisture and keep pesky weeds at bay. But remember, don't smother it – leave some space around its base for proper airflow.

Winter Maintenance (Florida and Similar Climates): ❄️ Even in milder climates like Florida, your Elderberry may appreciate a touch of winter care. Prune away any dead or tired growth to make way for a vibrant spring awakening.

Container Gardening (Indoors and Outdoors): 🍃 If you're going for the potted Elderberry look, choose a container that's not just functional but stylish too. Ensure it has good drainage, like a fancy water feature for your plant. Fill it with quality potting mix to give your Elderberry the royal treatment it deserves.

Transplanting: 🌱 When moving your Elderberry into a container, follow the same steps as when planting outdoors. Imagine it's a housewarming party – make sure it feels right at home in its new pot. Give it a hearty drink after the move and watch it settle in with a contented sigh.

Location: 🌼 For indoor Elderberries, find them a sunny spot near a window or introduce them to groovy grow lights. Outdoors, choose a location that suits their mood, whether it's full sun or a bit of shade, depending on your local climate.

🛒 Unveil the Elegance of Florida Native Elderberry with GreenDreams Organic Nursery!

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At GreenDreams, we cultivate more than just plants; we nurture the breathtaking diversity of nature’s wonders. Specializing in a spectacular array of native species, edible plants, and exotic rarities, we invite you on a botanical journey of extraordinary possibilities.

Join Us in Reverence of Nature’s Splendor - Enrich Your Garden with the Florida Native Elderberry! 🌿

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2. Awareness of Potential Physical Damage

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3. Acknowledgement of Long-Distance Shipping Considerations

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