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Avocado - 'Lula', Persea americana - 3G

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🥑 Discover the 'Lula' Avocado - A Classic Beauty with Rich Heritage! 🥑

Looking for a piece of avocado history with unbeatable flavor? Meet the 'Lula' Avocado, a beloved classic with a legacy that's still thriving today. We're excited to bring you this exceptional variety in a convenient 3-gallon pot, ready to flourish in your garden. Let's explore why 'Lula' deserves a spot in your orchard! 🌱

🌱 Size and Shipping: Our 'Lula' Avocado arrives in a 3-gallon container, perfectly sized for swift planting. Get ready to embrace avocado history right in your garden!

🌳 A Classic with Heritage: Before the reign of Hass avocados, 'Lula' was the top choice for commercial growers. Its vigorous growth and resistance to diseases made it the preferred rootstock for avocados in Florida. It's a piece of avocado history you can nurture at home!

🥑 Delight in Every Bite: 'Lula' is not just a grower's favorite; it's cherished by avocado enthusiasts for its long harvesting period and cold tolerance. Expect green-skinned fruits weighing 10-20 ounces with a slight neck. They mature from October to December, adding a burst of flavor to your avocado recipes.

🍯 Self-Fertile and Bountiful: Being self-fertile, 'Lula' improves the fruitfulness of B-type avocado trees, ensuring better pollination and a more abundant harvest. It's your key to a bountiful avocado season!

🌆 A Historical Gem: 'Lula' made its debut in Miami, Florida, in 1915, planted by nurseryman George B. Cellon, who named it after his wife. By 1921, this prized variety had entered the nursery market. It's a hybrid of Guatemalan and Mexican avocados, renowned for its remarkable eating quality.

🌿 Growth Habits and Care: Maintaining 'Lula' is a breeze. It reaches a maximum height of 20-25 feet but can be easily managed with pruning, recommended at 10-15 feet for convenient picking. It thrives in zones 9-12 and can endure temperatures as low as 25ºF, making it a top choice for avocado enthusiasts.

🌱 Best Practices:

  • Provide well-drained soil and plenty of sunlight.
  • Prune to maintain the desired height for easy harvesting.
  • Water consistently to promote healthy growth.

🥑 Ideal for:

  • Avocado lovers seeking a classic variety with rich flavor.
  • Gardeners who value historical and heritage fruit trees.
  • Anyone in hardiness zones 9-12 looking for a low-maintenance avocado option.

🚫 Not Ideal for:

  • Gardeners in regions with extreme cold climates beyond zone 12.
  • Those with limited space, as 'Lula' can reach significant heights.

Embrace Avocado History with 'Lula' - Order Yours Today! At GreenDreams, we're passionate about offering you the finest fruit trees and ecological wonders. We ship anywhere across the continental US, and 'Lula' is your chance to taste the history in every bite! 🥑🌱

Order Your 'Lula' Avocado Now and Relish a Taste of Tradition! 🛒

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Shipping Stress - Transport can cause stress to plants, especially if spending a few days in a dark stuffy box. Leaf drop may occur.  Most plants survive with no problems or with minimal stress and recover quickly others may require extra love and attention with watering and gentle light after unboxing.

Physical damage - Occasionally, boxes become damaged during UPS handling & transport. Our shipping team takes all measures in securely packing your selection/s to minimize all damage and stress on the plant.  We've had great feedback on packing your plants with extra special attention. Unfortunately, it's past our control beyond our packing house.  
In cases of serious box damage, please contact UPS within 30 days to start a claim.
If it's just a broken branch or even part of a stem - just let it grow, take care of your plant and it will respond to your love.

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