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Ecological Oasis in Crystal Beach, FL

Check out these shots of our latest ecological landscape project in Crystal Beach!  A huge amount of love + sweat equity went into this coastal project, so now that it’s all said & done, we can step back & admire how incredible this new yard looks for our awesome clients! 

We are always grateful for the opportunity to work with any canvas, but it’s not very often that we get the chance to work with a blank one (new construction.)  This new home is now complete with a food forest that will be dripping with fruit in just a short amount of time.  Along with all the natives we worked into this design, we also included some tasty tropical sweets – mangos, starfruit, avocados, guavas, pineapples & bananas+, as well as some persimmons, figs, loquats, olives, gingers, plus so many other supportive ground covers/other species.  We also included veggie beds for the clients’ favorite annuals & herbs.   


Since this property resides along the Gulf of Mexico, we were required to include erosion control matting, clumping grasses & a lime rock seawall in order to mitigate future soil erosion & pass environmental inspection.  This same native lime rock was distributed throughout the entire design, along with crushed shell pathways to add to the appeal of this coastal home.  We can’t wait to come back when everything has filled in!  This is going to be one lush edible paradise!

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