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Moringa Tree SEEDS (Moringa oleifera)

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Moringa Tree, Tree of Life, Horesradish Tree, Ben Oil Tree, Drumstick Tree- Live Plant

Seed Packet of 6 seeds

Special PK2 Variety

Highly nutritious vegetable tree, whose leaves, flowers, seeds, pods & root are all edible/medicinal. They are very fast growing & will become root bound quickly. If you decide to keep them in a container at a full size, we suggest you do so with a 15-gallon container. We also suggest that you do not let your Moringa tree get any taller than harvest height (otherwise you will need a ladder & they will look "leggy" and sparse). You cannot hurt them by cutting them back severely. When you chop them back, they seem to "race" to put out more leaves. ALWAYS TRY TO HARVEST FROM THE TOP OF THE TREE, NEVER THE BOTTOM. For new growers, cuttings should always be done on a diagonal, so that water will slope off. Here in Florida, you may notice a yellowing of the leaves: this is due to the combination of water on the leaves & the extreme heat of the Florida sun. They will loose their leaves during freeze times, but always seem to come back with warmer weather. Make sure to harvest all your leaves before first freeze & dry them (out of the sunlight). You can take these dried leaves & grind them into a powder form for storage through the winter. Moringa leaves makes a great addition to soup (Just be sure to only add after soup has cooled down, so that you don't cook all the nutrients & enzymes out.) Eating the leaves either fresh or in powdered form provides a long-lasting energy boost when used regularly. It is truly amazing how jam-packed full of nutrients the Moringa Leaves, Pods and Flowers are. If every household had access to Moringa then malnutrition would be wiped out. Households would have no need to purchase artificial supplements.

  • Average mature height: They will grow to an excess of 30-40ft. high. We suggest you maintain them at 8-12ft. maximum
  • Light: Full sun
  • Soil: Tolerates most soil types but needs good drainage
  • Hardiness zones: 8-10

Our Favorite Uses: Powdered and snuck into smoothies, cookies and really any dish!

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-Physical damage- Sometimes a carrier may damage boxes during handling.
It does not happen often as we try to pack your plants with extra special attention but unfortunately there are some things beyond our control.  In cases of serious damage, only the carrier can be responsible for it- so please contact the carrier within 30 days to start a claim. If it's just a broken branch or even part of a stem - just let it grow, take care of your plant and it will respond to your love. We understand your frustration if damage occurs, and strive to do everything we can on our end to minimize all damage and stress on the plant 

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