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Avocado - 'Marcus Pumpkin', Persea americana - 3G

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🥑 Introducing the 'Marcus Pumpkin' Avocado - Nature's Impressive Bounty! 🌳

Looking for an avocado that will leave everyone in awe? Meet the 'Marcus Pumpkin' Avocado - a true marvel of nature that's bound to take center stage in your garden and kitchen. With oversized, green-skinned fruits and a mild, creamy flavor, it's a culinary masterpiece waiting to be discovered.

🌱 Plant Size and Shipping: Our 'Marcus Pumpkin' Avocado arrives in a 3-gallon pot, perfectly sized to thrive in your garden. Get ready for a grand avocado adventure!

🥑 Size Matters: What sets the 'Marcus Pumpkin' apart? It's all about size! These avocados are not just large; they're enormous! Imagine the culinary possibilities - from jaw-dropping smoothies to exquisite salads, this avocado variety is a showstopper.

❄️ Frost Tolerance: Worried about frosty weather? 'Marcus Pumpkin' Avocado is a champ! It can withstand temperatures as low as 20 degrees, ensuring your avocado dreams aren't crushed by chilly nights. While it may not produce avocados in abundance, the sheer size and quality of the fruit more than compensate.

🌳 Impressive Growth Habits: The 'Marcus Pumpkin' avocado tree is a must-have for any avocado enthusiast. With an average mature height of 30 feet, it demands full sun and thrives in zones 9-11. Expect fruit maturation from October through November.

🏡 Best Practices:

  • Ensure your young, cold-hardy trees have well-established roots before exposing them to extreme cold.
  • Plant in a location that receives plenty of sunlight.
  • Prune and shape your tree as it grows to maintain its impressive stature.

🌿 A Touch of History: The 'Marcus Pumpkin' Avocado is a testament to nature's creativity and bounty. It's a prize-winning variety that showcases the limitless potential of avocado cultivation.

🤓 Fun Facts: Did you know that avocados are not only delicious but also incredibly nutritious? They are packed with healthy fats, fiber, vitamins, and minerals, making them a fantastic addition to your diet.

🌱 Ideal for:

  • Gardeners seeking a remarkable avocado variety.
  • Anyone in frost-prone areas looking for cold-tolerant avocados.
  • Avocado enthusiasts who value quality over quantity.

🚫 Not Ideal for:

  • Those with limited space, as 'Marcus Pumpkin' can reach a towering height.
  • Gardeners in regions with extreme cold beyond zone 11.

Elevate Your Garden and Cuisine with 'Marcus Pumpkin' Avocado! At GreenDreams, we're passionate about offering you the finest fruit trees and ecological wonders. We ship anywhere across the continental US, and the 'Marcus Pumpkin' Avocado is your ticket to a truly impressive avocado experience. Don't miss out - order yours today! 🛒🥑

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Shipping Stress - Transport can cause stress to plants, especially if spending a few days in a dark stuffy box. Leaf drop may occur.  Most plants survive with no problems or with minimal stress and recover quickly others may require extra love and attention with watering and gentle light after unboxing.

Physical damage - Occasionally, boxes become damaged during UPS handling & transport. Our shipping team takes all measures in securely packing your selection/s to minimize all damage and stress on the plant.  We've had great feedback on packing your plants with extra special attention. Unfortunately, it's past our control beyond our packing house.  
In cases of serious box damage, please contact UPS within 30 days to start a claim.
If it's just a broken branch or even part of a stem - just let it grow, take care of your plant and it will respond to your love.

Shipping Long Distances -  Orders that are shipped to the western US can often take 4 to 6 business days for transport, including the delay of agricultural inspections in Arizona, California & Texas. Please note that the quality of tender young plants is more affected by the extra length of stress inside shipping boxes. Extra care is taken during packaging to ensure quick recovery after unboxing.  Often plants need extra care for the first few weeks after transport.  Please review our policy on returns & refunds for more information, as well as our plant care guide. 

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