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"We are so glad to have found a landscaping company that shares our belief in the importance of organic and sustainable landscaping. GreenDreams provided us with responsive, knowledgeable, and affordable service. The well-planned edible backyard and elegant front yard complement our home perfectly. We've enjoyed salads, herbs and fruits from our yard, and look forward to adding more crops in the future.”

 -Johanna and Jimmy

“Lazy man’s yard, looks great, very easy to take care of, organic, sustainable.  Never dreamed I would have a yard with such a wide variety of fruits, vegetables and flowering plants.  Cannot wait to see it develop and savor the bananas, pineapple, mangoes, avocados, lychee, nuts, passionfruit, mulberries, cherries, tomatoes and herbs.


If you are half as satisfied as me, you will be a happy customer.”


“Started with the worse yard ever – front and back.  [GreenDreams] listened to what we wanted.  Love the idea that the first thing out of their mouths was not how much sod we were going to need - [these are the] only folks to suggest putting down organic material first.  Willing to work within our budget – very patient with dragging us into seeing just how much needed to be spent.  Have been very patient in explaining everything they were doing for us (and our entire neighborhood, when asked.)  Took pains every single day to clean up after themselves including the sidewalk, our garage and the street.  Had wonderful surprises in the gardens that made my heart sing.  We delight in the Black-eyed Susans, which is the Maryland State flower, fig tree – that every Italian family has to have and the Gardenia trees which were my mom’s personal favorite just to name a few of our “favorite things”.  We would be happy to talk to anyone who is considering using these two fine gentleman, Pete & Taylor, for their project.”


"My dream is to create a food forest design with the feeling of privacy and lush seclusion.  I met with Pete and Ian for a consult and found both of them to be extremely knowledgeable and approachable.  They have an infectious enthusiasm for plants and are helping me select plants that will support each other as well as other beneficial organisms.  We are focusing on edibles, scent and beauty.  They answered many of my questions and are a wealth of information.  I had previously consulted with another permaculturist prior to working with GreenDreams but was unhappy with the results.  I felt that I needed more concrete assistance with plant selection, placement and local plant knowledge.  GreenDreams have provided me with exactly that."

- Anonymous, June 4th, 2016

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