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Spring Hill, FL 2013

We are actively working through the many phases of our small farm design here at our very own demonstration site, Sandhill Farm.  Our first phase was to establish a bamboo windbreak in the Northwest corder of our property (our market garden), where we have since planted our polyculture market garden & multi-tiered orchard design.  We used this coldest region of the property to plant all of our cold hardy varieties, many of which have relatively low requirements for chill hours in Florida.  In another microclimate of the site, we have had success with our tropical fruit plantings, which are shielded by the overhead oak canopies & more strageically placed bamboo windbreaks, so that they are protected from frost/low temps in the winter months.  Throughout the 6.9acre demonstration site, we have countless varieties  of perrenial & annual vegetables, root starches,  fruits & herbs,  culinary/medicinal herbs, spices & tea plants.  We will remain in working design to transform this entire sandy pit into a terraced microclimate with many different zones & purposes.  You won't believe we've only been building the soils for 2 years - instead of they typical Florida sand you find surrounding us, our soil is rich, dark & densely full of life - beneficial fungi, good bacteria & other organisms that feed the roots. 


If you are interested in visiting Sandhill Farm, we offer scheduled farm tours from March - December; be sure to check our education calendar here or schedule a private tour.  We also offer classes on topics like "Ecological Gardening" & "Best Fruit Trees of Florida" throughout the year.  Come learn how your property can change the world!

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