Organic Vegetable Gardens

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There are a dozen reasons to grow your own organic food.


1. It simply tastes better.  If you’ve ever tasted homegrown produce, you know the flavor surpasses anything you’ve bought recently from the store.

2. So you can have the most healthy produce possible.  The vitamin & nutritional content is far superior.  Everyday that a vegetable is off the vine, it loses a significant portion of it’s nutritional value.

3. You know that it’s clean & safe.  There have been very few clinical trials on the effects of pesticides, herbicides and radiation from conventional supermarket produce on human health.  Organic labeling can be a misconception at times, as well, due to the introduction of genetically modified food (GMO’s).

4. To be eco-responsible.  You’ll reduce your carbon footprint in so many different ways.  The average salad travels 1400 miles to wind up on your table & once you get involved with food forestry, you can actually sequester the carbon from the atmosphere directly into the soil to feed the plants & provide a tangible solution for the effects that lead up to climate change.

5. It’s a fun project.  There is a sense of satisfaction in watching this natural wonder that you’ve helped to create, grow.  Everyday you see changes in the garden: plants grow, flowers bloom, fruit forms on the vine and vegetables seem to grow right before your eyes.

6. It’s a way to teach our kids the wonder of nature & science.  Growing food is a wonderful learning experience for kids.  It teaches them self-sufficiency, responsibility and work ethic.

7. It lifts your spirits.  It is really hard to be in a melancholy mood while you are touching & smelling the gifts of Mother Earth.

8. It’s divine (Nature and/or God-Given).  No matter what your denomination or lack thereof, you cannot deny that there is divinity within the harmony of this planet & it’s vegetation that supports our survival. 

9. To save money.  After initial cost, your garden could be virtually free with a little dedication & creativity.

10. To honor our elders.   During & After WWII, 20 Million Americans planted Victory Gardens in their yards, to demonstrate their patriotism & to ration their food. These gardens were able to produce half of the nations food supply. Plant one in tribute to these generations by planting your own victory garden.

11. You can be self-sufficient.  Pick your own berries for today’s breakfast or a mix of greens for tonight’s salad from your very own backyard & get ready  lighten your dependence on the "convenience" of the current food system, which comes at a hidden cost.  Maybe it’s time to turn that around?

 12. To connect with our communities again.  If you grow herbs & your neighbor grows tomatoes, you simply trade.  Or, if you would really like to see some change,  team up with your community  to establish a garden plot or be a part of a school garden project .


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