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Ant Pro Bulk - KM : ​Non-Toxic Insect Lure

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KM Ant PRO Bulk : Non-Toxic Insect Lure

Protein/ Sugar (IA-PIS)
2.5 to 5 Gallon Concentrate Mix

KM Insect Attractant Bait Lure Th 4KMIBL" is a species-specific non-toxic food
grade insect-attractant, and additive food compound containing amino group (NH2)
acids and carbohydrates, formulated, manufactured, packaged, shipped and
otherwise handled in a granular dry powdery form prior to being dissolved in water
by end users, primarily agricultural growers, and professional pest management
personnel. This product is intended for use in the KM Ant Pro dispensing System®
to provide long-term manipulation and monitoring of protein and sugar feeding

How to Use
AntPro® Insect Attractant - Protein / Sugar (IA-P/S) is a non-toxic granular concentrate
formulation. When combined and dissolved in distilled water or equivalent, is used within
the KM Ant Proß Insect Bait Dispenser to provide long-term monitoring and traffic flow
manipulation of protein and sugar feeding (primarily ants) cockroaches and other insects
This attractant is effective for locating, identifying, aggregating populations, and
monitoring the level of infestations of most species of ants and cockroaches prior to
implementing suitable and authorized pest control procedures.
The AntPro® Bait Dispenser with KMIBL attractant solution placed strategically within and
surrounding ecologically sensitive crop production locations will recruit targeted foraging
ants pests from nearby areas to permit infestation manipulation, population assessment.
and to determine whether further pest management procedures are necessary.

How to Prepare 2.5 to 5 gallons finished solution
To prepare, begin by adding the "KMIBL" package contents to a minimum of 2 gallons of
warm distilled water while gradually stirring the dissolving bait material. After the contents
of the KMIBL is dissolved, additional distilled water or equivalent can be added to make
the desired amount of finished working bait lure solution. Please note: "KMIBL" dissolves
rapidly in water at approximately 90°. Do not attempt to dissolve this concentrate with
water cooler than 72 degrees Fahrenheit.

Additional amounts of water should be added to make the minimum 2.5 working gallons
of bait solution, graduating in increased amounts of water added based on the bait's
intended *use purpose, up to the maximum of 5 finished working gallons. With 5 working
gallons being the bait lure's standard prepared volume amount for attracting and
manipulating most ant species.
*use purpose; at present there are an estimated 13,379 named ant species. Reduced
amounts of KMIBL beginning as low as 2.5 gallons proportionately increases the amount
of amino acids and carbohydrates to attract a limited number of for the most part
extraordinary ant species.

Certificate Number. 20-0697
This product has been certified as acceptable for use in organic production in accordance with
the USDA National Organic Standards.
*Restriction: Must be used in AntPro® Non-invasive Liquid Bait Dispenser as is, or in
conjunction with approved active insecticide as part of structural pest control provided
there is no direct contact with food or crops being certified.
KM Insect Attractant Bait Lure ™ - when used in combination with an approved
For control and depopulation of ants, roaches other targeted insect species we
specifically recommend the use of Disodium Octaborate Tetrahydrate insecticide
"DOT' EPA registration number 87445 -1 be added when preparing KM insect
attractant bait lure for use in combination with an active insecticide ingredient.
The amount of DOT to be added when combining these products together. When
adding "DOT" in combination with KMIBL the total amount of DOT should not exceed
1% by weight of the total finished volume of solution. For five finished gallons 1% is
6.4 ounces. The recommended amount of DOT to be added for most ant species is
½% of the actual finished working volume of bait solution. Example, ½% of five
finished gallons requires 3 2 ounces of "DOT by weight.

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