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 delivery of compost + decomposed hard wood mulch 


compost tea + Biochar

Compost Delivery

Our Compost is as good as gold: "BLACK GOLD" Delivery for Tampa Bay customers, only.  We will deliver quality composted humus or composted manure to your farm/garden for a delivery charge of $55.  $35 per yard of Premium organic compost produced with a proprietary inoculate (6 yard minimum for order). Broad range of Micro and Macro nutrients.

Hardwood Mulch Delivery


We have found that the secret to reducing irrigation needs for your garden or landscape is by locking the moisture in & building nutrient dense soils directly over the top of Tampa Bay's current sandy conditions by using heavy mulching techniques. We have found that hard wood (decomposed oak) mulch has been essential in helping to keep our plant beds moist & helping the fruit trees & other edibles to thrive... even without irrigation. This hard wood mulch is undergoing the decomposition process, which guarantees tons of moisture, mycellium (beneficial fungi) & beneficial microorganisms.  Our hard wood mulch Delivery for Tampa Bay customers, only.


Biochar: Sales + Delivery

Biochar is an ancient practice that converts waste into the #1 long-term soil amendment that we have on this planet.   It has the capacity to absorb carbon from the air/atmosphere, secures the food system, and increases biodiversity in the soil.  It even has the capability to reverse deforestation. The process of creating Biochar is completed with a fine-grained, highly porous activated charcoal that helps soils retain nutrients and water.   Because of it’s porosity, it contains a microscopic infinity of nooks & crannies for organic matter to reside.  It is said that a fingernail-sized piece of biochar is able to lock up a ½ acre in surface nutrients. That means that this is a huge deal in just a little tiny pinch!


We sell Biochar in 2 ways:

5 gallon Bucket (25-28lbs.) $30 + delivery/shipping

1000lb Tote: $750 + delivery ($150 <25 miles, extra charge outside of our area)

If you are interested in a delivery/shipping quote, please use the contact form below or call us at 727.439.6700.

Compost Tea: Sales + Service


What is Compost Tea & Why should you use it?

Compost Tea is a “Living” product that consists of microorganisms, such as bacteria, fungi, protozoa, and nematodes.  It comes in the form of a watery extract of plant soluble nutrients and microorganisms derived from compost. This mix of living organisms in our custom-brewed tea give soil its structure, water holding capacity, and provide access to nutrients for the plants. When conventional fertilizers and pesticides are used or when soil is tilled, compacted or moved, the life cycle in the soil becomes damaged or destroyed. Compost tea restores soil ecology by replacing these missing microorganisms & rebuilds a healthy foundation through biodiversity. 


 “Feed the soil & let the soil feed the plants.” – Dr. Elaine Ingham (


Benefits of using of compost tea:

·       Provide Micro, Macro and Trace nutrients contained in high quality compost.

·       Maximize the growth of your crops or turf, while also protecting them with beneficial organisms that prevent disease.

·       Enhance plant growth by improving the nutrient retention in the soil & preventing “run-off”.

·       Eliminates the negative impacts of chemical-based pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers on beneficial microorganisms in the ecosystem.

·       Creates the perfect symbiotic relationship of fungi, protozoa and beneficial nematodes, as well as the beneficial bacteria.

·       Stimulate flowering and fruit set

·       Protection from insects & diseases



We now offer microbial soil restoration for your garden, farm or business through our new mobile compost tea service (Tampa Bay area).

Though our standard sprayer application, our compost tea will be able to inoculate both the foliage of the plant & its surrounding soil with microbial life & beneficial microorganisms.   Application is priced by gallon (average sized property is approximately $120.) We suggest 2-4 applications per year & also have package discounts when you purchase 3 or more applications at a time in a maintenance plan.



We would like to offer our support for companies that provide lawn care services. We believe that there is a better way to care for Florida lawns.  We believe that working with nature  & nourishing the soil underneath your turf will lead to long-term success.  Healthy soil means healthy grass.  Healthy grass will always over compete with weeds, bugs & disease.  Most conventional/chemical practices (fertilizers & pesticides) create chemical dependency & destroy the nature balance leading to sterile, unbalanced soil.

·       By rebuilding the soil’s integrity, the water holding capacity is enhanced, thereby requiring less frequent irrigation & nutrients are retained.

·       Provide Micro, Macro and Trace nutrients contained in high quality compost.

·       Add “life in the soil” to make nutrients available to the plants/grass.


If you have a lawn care business in the Tampa Bay area, we would love to work together to help you give your customers the healthiest grass possible.  Contact us today about our Alliance Program.

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"The morning after the application my entire garden was perked up like I’ve never seen before. I had transplanted several tomatoes and peppers the day of the application and it appears as they experienced little to no transplant shock. At this point they are doing better than transplants that had already been in the ground for several weeks. One added benefit that I hadn’t even expected is less pest activity in the entire garden. All in all I couldn’t be happier with the results I received from my first application and I’m looking forward to seeing the results I get with future applications. I will definitely be taking pictures before and after next time!"   - D. Miller



We look forward to helping you with your next garden project! 

Call us or email us for your compost, mulch & tea delivery needs.


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