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Whether you are looking for expert advice on your property, need help designing your dream space, need quality install assistance or are looking for a one stop shop to make your GreenDreams come true, we have you covered. 

Specializing in Florida Friendly, Native, Eco Friendly Landscape Design in the Tampa Bay Area and Beyond!


Consultations are like a meeting of the minds, where we discuss your wishes and resolve your concerns, leading the way to YOUR best green space possible.


Have questions? We've got answers.


At GreenDreams we specialize in:

- Soil Solutions / Assessment

- Bed Planning

- Tree Placement

- Native and other Beneficial species

- Pruning

- Companion Planting

- Non Toxic / Biological Pest control methods

- Disease Signs / Symptoms

- Irrigation and Property Watering Solutions 

Phone Consultations are $75 for 30 mins and $125 for 60 mins   &   On-Site Consultations please inquire via email for a quote

Also be sure to check out our YouTube channel, where we offer tons of free advice throughout the video tours of our

own farm, as well as from our clients' projects & our field trip visits with other growers. 


Through a comprehensive on-site consultation, we carefully listen to your personal wishes & combine them with the needs of the property and then we create an integrated design for your property; always regarding your input while applying our knowledge & experience using permaculture principles & philosophies along with our past 2 decades of ornamental landscaping. In the end, you will receive a complete to scale digital design and an itemized species list with budget and phases.


All Digital Design work starts at $1000 for local residential properties or $2500 an acre for large scale / multi acre projects


Take your project to the next level and let our Dream Team help you install it. We've got the tools and the man power and you have the property. Whether it is a few trees you need installed, your own design, or one of ours, let us do the work and sit back and enjoy the view. Big or small your project matters to us!

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Our focus is to mimic the natural succession of a forest.  Our methods encourage the natural ecosystems by creating maximum diversity & life in the soil.  Healthy soils = healthy plants. An agriculture system with ecology in mind maintains itself. Regenerative Agriculture is process-based agriculture, rather than input based agriculture. 


When we first begin our projects, we rely on heavy mulch amendments when possible, using partially decomposed hard wood chips to capture/hold rainfall & we also include swale systems where needed, using the land’s contour lines to catch & hold water.  Our designs can include water conservation/storage & bioaccumulation methods & will address specific plant lists that are suitable for the site location & climate.


We plant specific trees + other supportive species along these contour lines that transform sandy conditions into soil that is nutrient-dense & filled with beneficial organisms & mychorrhiza.  We add BIOCHAR to each of our plantings to create the best possible environment for holding organic material in place where it is needed.


We use native grasses, clumping bamboos other plant groups that can address soil erosion issues. 


We include specific plant choices that provide nutrients to the soil, creating your own direct fertilization & soil production through heavy routine pruning ("Chop & Drop" - composting right on location) & stragecially planting nitrogen-fixing species & other varieties that add different nutrients to the soil.   


The goal of our end-result is permanence.  A system that will continue to produce, whether or not we are physically present to care for it.   Our hope is that our projects will be seen as forest garden legacies for the generations to come.  Check out our portfolio here.


"My dream is to create a food forest design with the feeling of privacy and lush seclusion.  I met with Pete and Ian for a consult and found both of them to be extremely knowledgeable and approachable.  They have an infectious enthusiasm for plants and are helping me select plants that will support each other as well as other beneficial organisms.  We are focusing on edibles, scent and beauty.  They answered many of my questions and are a wealth of information.  I had previously consulted with another permaculturist prior to working with GreenDreams but was unhappy with the results.  I felt that I needed more concrete assistance with plant selection, placement and local plant knowledge.  GreenDreams have provided me with exactly that."

-Anonymous, June 4th, 2016

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