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 butterfly & sensory gardens

Whether or not you wish to fill your garden with edibles, adding plant choices that attract butterflies & other beneficial insects is often desired.  Not only will you be able to enjoy the beauty of fluttering throughout your garden, but the plant choices for the butterfly gardens are just as beautiful, with the rainbow of flowers that attract them; milkweed, firebush, salvias, native perennial sunflowers, anise hyssop, black-eyed susans & more.  After our design & installation of your butterfly garden, you will be able to take a seat & find peaceful entertainment.


Besides our butterfly plant choices, we also love to install those plants whose smells can transport your senses.  Most gardeners are familiar with the scents of gardenias & jasmine, so along with those choices - we can also make suggestions for new species that provide the same intoxicating smells that not only attract us, but also the bees!  Sweet almond is our top choice for the sensory experience, plus we always like to add herbs to this list; mints, basils, anise, lemon balm & lemon verbena - that way you can use the choices for more than just the scent. 

Are you considering a butterfly or sensory garden at your location?  We would love to help.  Email us today: or call us at 727.439.6700

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